This diary started in 2018 as a way for me to focus on scenography in a hectic academic context. The task was to write something every day, no matter how tired I was. The resulting scenographic poetics is still with me. Work is not lost. August 1, 2023, I decided to write diary posts again, because scenography research needs dedicated awareness, in terms of langue, outreach, and - why not - love. 

Making history


Day 82. Working at the library with Mikael Strömberg on the upcoming exhibition. A few days (and nights) to go. Now laborating with small circles...and a lot of other stuff! Great feeling to visualize the expansion and diversity...

Day 81. Evening. Relaxing. Swedish televison broadcasting Marvellous scenographic work in The Florence Foster Jenkins Story (2016). Double exposure, high camp, tactile, respectful, lovely.

Autumn leaves


Day 77. Saturday morning. Autumn leaves. The ways they scenograph. I say no more.



Day 76. Working in the exhibition space. We are making a large scale timeline. It will hopefully be a powerful device, facilitating time and space travel.

Day 75. Anon. Shades of grey. All is tagged. "Anonymity is the enemy". Nightmare staged, so much of it is real, here already.



Day 74. Travelling home. Train not delayed. Presented "Scenographing Strindberg" yesterday in Stockholm as part of a great group of scholars. All the thinking, all the work, where does it really go? Lisa Söderberg came, Ylva Sommerland came, so happy to see them. So much audience. So much party.

Day 73. Blogging in the night. When reading Peter Robinson, so much scenographics. Local police, tired, struggling. Pubs. Landscapes. Cityscapes. Offices. Impossible tasks. Life.