New Web resource: Museum Exhibition Design


A new and inspiring web resource, free and accessible for all! The Museum Exhibition Design: Histories and Futures conference, hosted by the Centre for Design History at the University of Brighton, UK, 1-11 September 2020, is now an open access web archive.

From the conference home page: We are delighted to be able to welcome you - our international community of scholars and practitioners from over 18 countries - to consider the history and future of exhibition design in museums. While museum studies is underpinned by seminal texts attending to the poetics and politics of museum display, the agents and collaborative process of past display practices have often remained hidden 'behind the scenes' of the museum. Together, the papers, discussion boards and resources presented through this conference work to change this: they reframe understandings of museums and their genealogy, as well as challenge contemporary museums and exhibition makers as they plan for the future.

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